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Writerly Exercises: When the Writing Sticks

We’ve all been there–when the writing gets sticky, when our imaginations seems to sputter to a halt and we don’t know where to take the rest of the scene, how to get the characters talking again…when the plot seems cliched and tired. Ugh. It’s pretty much the worst for a writer.

That’s why I’ve put together this video, which highlights a couple of exercises I like to use when the writing gets tough. These exercises help to pump the well–to get my creative juices flowing again, to redirect my focus, free my thoughts, and most importantly: to keep me writing.

Watch it. Tell me what you think.

1 thought on “Writerly Exercises: When the Writing Sticks

  1. I loved this . . . Did you use the camera you got for your birthday? Loved the clarity in picture and I loved the content!

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