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New Novel Releases Friday, November 10th


Oh my goodness, I can’t believe it’s been three years (3 years!) since I started this blog! I can still remember the fantastic excitement and nerves as I hit ‘publish’ for the very first time–the anticipation and the hopes as I waited for whatever would come next.

Well, it’s certainly surpassed my expectations. What started as a blog I created so I could showcase my love of writing has turned into the cornerstone of a small book publishing company I started so I could turn those stories into books; and the foundation from which I now offer freelance editing services so I can help others achieve their own successes. Through it all, LitLiber has remained constant: a place about writing, for writing.


Happiest of happy birthday’s, LitLiber. I love what’s happening here.

New Novel Releases Friday, November 10th

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