Twenty-Seven Tiered Almond Cake

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Charlie does not want to plan her sister’s wedding.

Erin is flakey, flighty. Irresponsible. And her upcoming marriage is proving no different. It reads like the playbill to a comedy of errors: the groom—what’s his name again?—is currently, mysteriously incarcerated; the bride is MIA; but don’t dare mention postponing the stupid thing; that would be scandalous.

Worse, in an industry that booked out months ago, Charlie has six weeks to hunt down everything from a reception hall to napkin holders! Ironically, the only person who may be able to help her accomplish this is Kantor O’Brien, aka the pastry chef she hired to create Erin’s wedding cake, aka the guy who seems to think Charlie’s antics fall somewhere between exasperating and not quite sane. (Okay, so maybe the cake she chose was a little, ah, unusual. Whatever.)

Kantor has interesting, if somewhat unconventional, contacts. Charlie’s got a colorful way of spinning the truth. Together, they might pull off something spectacular. Now if she can just convince him to go along with it….

TWENTY-SEVEN TIERED ALMOND CAKE is a light-hearted story about one woman’s struggle to give her sister the wedding she deserves. The novel’s primary themes—a contentious sibling relationship hanging in the balance of self-reflection and redemption—offset by its quietly comedic timbre and romantic undertones, will resonate and appeal to readers of commercial women’s fiction.

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