The Author: Amber Laura (besides her deliciously good-looking fiance!)


Amber Laura is the sole owner and administrator of LitLiber.com. A twentysomething English major, Amber Laura has dreamed of being an author since she first started reading (and subsequently, started modifying those individual children’s stories to her own imaginative specifications: changing plots, characters, thematic motivations…even the very dialogue written on the pages, until, in the end, she was found telling her own, unique, and highly original tales).

Similarly, while still a pre-teen, Amber Laura was gifted a writing journal by her sister. Weeks later, after diligently committing to the exercise of making daily, sometimes twice daily, notations in the beloved pad, her mother asked if she was allowed to read any of it (particularly since mother and daughter were so close). Without so much as a shrug, Amber Laura handed it over, watching while her mom excitedly tore into its work; when, after the reading, that woman’s face belied perplexed confusion, Amber Laura felt compelled to explain:

“It’s a pretend journal,” she’d confessed. “Based on the life of a made-up teenage girl…” And that’s when Amber Laura’s family knew….

Fast-forward a few years and, while a whole lot in Amber Laura’s life has changed and evolved, one thing has remained an unmoving constant: her love of writing. So welcome to LitLiber—a place all about that very thing!