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World-Building in Fiction (Parts 1 and 2)

Happy First Anniversary to My Small Business, LitLiber!

Hey guys,

As authors, it’s so imperative that we create real, believable, and individual worlds for our fictional characters to live in–after all, they can’t actually coexist with us in the real world; without this layer of authenticity, of intimate awareness, a story can easily become one-dimensional, uninspiring, or even…dare I say it, boring?

It’s not just that, either. You want a place for your readers to go, as well. When they read your words, you want their imagination to take them on a trip–to the city, the town, the store, the house, etc. that you created. You want them to not just read the words you’ve written, but to experience them. A lot of that has to do with world-building–because, as individuals, we are a product of our surroundings, our personality is stamped in our decor and style, in our habits and proclivities.

In these videos I’ll talk about the what, why, and where/how of building worlds in your fiction: what it means to your novel (and your characters), why it’s so critical, and where and how it’s created (at least, where/how I create my worlds.) And then, in the second vlog, I’ll endeavor to show you what it looks like and/or how to transfer the concept of your fictional world–or your map–into your actual writing.


Please watch and enjoy! (And, as always, tell me what you think.)



Happy First Anniversary to My Small Business, LitLiber!

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